Board of Governors

Brandon Chia

Chairman of HDI Holding
Singapore - Malaysia - Macau - Philippines - Hong Kong - Indonesia

“The best thing we can do for our future generation is to instill in them great curiosity for life, a passion for learning and a desire to keep improving. It is our only answer for the eventual survival of mankind.”

Dr.Chuang Hsuan-Hung

Cardiologist - Singapore
Asian Heart & Vascular Centre - Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Asian Heart & Vascular Centre - Gleneagles Medical Centre    

"Giving a child a chance to have an education is the most valuable gift one could give. HDIF believes in giving children that chance."

Dr.Chia Su-Ynn

Endocrinologist & Physician - Singapore
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre  

"Every little contribution made towards helping these children will go towards building a better future for all of us"

Edi Warsito

Director of Harmoni Dinamik Indonesia and Tunas Kembang Perkasa - Indonesia
Tax and accounting consultant  

"Knowledge without caring is empty, caring without knowledge is futile, and both of these should complement each other. As in the case with those who have the financial ability to donate funds for underprivileged children, while the children are assisted do their best with achievement."

Herdiana Kiehl

Founder of Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli - Indonesia
Social worker & Lawyer        

"With education, we can break the chain of poverty in Indonesia. But in order to realize it takes hard work and struggle of all stakeholders in order to improve the quality of education in our beloved country."

Monica Ginting

Indonesian Architect - Indonesia
Humanitarian Volunteer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
"In the making of a better world and a better living to my beloved nation, we should start early to educate our next generation. Our passion is to give opportunity of education to the unfortunate children. Every child should be given equal chance of free education."