Build A School

1200 children have studied in the schools. And 760 children are currently studying in HDIF schools. We aim to build more schools

How We Work

• Requests come from underprivileged regions where schools are not available. 
• Site visit to assess the community's need and for justification of the project,
• Submission of proposal to Board of Governors,
• Board of Governors approve,
• Build the school,
• Hire principal and teachers,
• School opens.

 How Can You Help?

You can donate the whole school building. If you wish, the school can be named after your organization, yourself or your loved ones.

You can also donate either a classroom, a library, a teacher's room, a toilet, or just tables and chairs. Your name can also be on each of the rooms. Size of the Donation is up to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

A typical school building for 288 High School students (over two shifts) consists of 4 classrooms (36 students each) and a teacher's room each measuring 56sm (7mx8m), a library, toilets, a maintenance room, a kitchen (optional), and a courtyard. This will cost USD 90,000 (IDR 900 million)*.

Itemized unit cost:

 Description Unit Cost (USD) Quantity (pcs) Total (USD)
Classroom (7x8m) 13,478.00 4 53,912.00
Toilet (1.5x2m) 1,981.44 1 1,981.44
Library (3.5x4m) 6,739.20 1 6,739.20
Maintenance Room (4x7m) 7,135.68 1 7,135.68
Set of Child's Table & Chair 47.04 160 7,526.40
Set of Teacher's Table & Chair 63.36 15 950.40
Bookshelf 142.08 10 1,420.80
Blackboard 55.68 4 222.72
Courtyard (200sm) 1,584.96 1 1,584.96
Kitchen (2x2.5) (Optional) 3,963.40 1 3,963.40
Total 85,437.44

*As of January 2013, with conversion rate US$1 = Rp10,000

If you prefer, you can state the amount you wish to donate and leave it to the Foundation to decide how your money is to be used.

How Long Does It Take to Build?

12 months from the date of Approval by the relevant Government Authorities.