Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDIF?
HDI Foundation - a non-profit organization was founded in 2005 in Indonesia to provide education to underprivileged children.
What is HDIF’s mission?
  • To build and manage schools in underdeveloped area for poor children who cannot otherwise go to school.
  • To help school become financially independence so it can continue educating the children.
How many school have HDIF built?
11 schools for 760 children in Indonesia. 6 in the Java Island, one each in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, and 3 in Papua.
How much did HDIF spend to build a school in average?
The minimum cost to build a school is US$ 85,000 (IDR 850 million) to accommodate 200 children.
How long does HDIF support a school?
HDIF builds, recruits and pays the salaries of teachers and staff, and manages the school until it becomes financially self sufficient. Target is 3 years. HDIF will continue to fund and support the school even if it takes longer.
Where does the Foundation get the funds?
HDIF funds are raised through generous donations from individuals, small businesses, as well as big corporations.  Funds are also generated from the sales proceeds of donated items.
Who runs HDIF?
The team of staff and volunteers manage the Foundation.
Where can I get more information about HDIF and its programs?
Contact Ms Dewi or Ms Lia at Ph: +6221 29499200 ext 476 from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or email:
How can I donate to HDIF?
Go to the website: and follow the instructions. Donate by Credit Card is available by accessing link above or you can make direct money transfer to BCA account number 5890170007 under the Yayasan High Desert International (HDI) name.
How can I be sure that my credit card and personal information are confidential?
All electronic transactions on HDIF website are encrypted using: “Secure Sockets Layer” or SSL, one of the safest internet security protocols.
Is there any time limitation if I want to sponsor a child?
There is absolutely no limitation.  You can sponsor a child’s education or contribute in any way you feel appropriate.  The goal is to give each underprivileged child a boost to get started with his/her life.  However, HDIF relies on your commitment.  If for any particular reason, you cannot fulfill your commitment, please let HDIF know in advance, preferably 3 months, in order for us to find a replacement without disruption.
How can I keep track on my foster child's progress?
HDIF will send you a half yearly report of your foster child. You can also obtain the latest report by contacting our officer Ms.Dewi
Can I sponsor more than one child?
Yes.  You can sponsor as many children as you wish. However keep in mind that the level of support could extend over several years, depends on the need of each child. The number you sponsor depends on the time you have as you need to communicate with them regularly, so they can feel your love.
How Can I Help?
You can help in many ways, ranging from one time financial donation to sponsoring a child’s education.  You can also help by volunteering your time to:
  1. help organize fund raising events,
  2. teach classes,
  3. assist building a school,
  4. translate documents,
  5. miscellaneous activities, etc.
Please contact us at +6221 29499200 ext. 476 or send us an email at for more details.