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HDI Foundation on Television!

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Are you happy in school? "Yes, I am very happy at Istiqomah school. I have friends and I can learn a lot of things from Mrs. Markamah"


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What do you want to be someday? "I want to be a chef"



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"I want to be a policeman", a straight answer from Sandy innocently.



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With more help there is hope for better education for poor Indonesian children.


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Mrs. Markamah, a school principal, believes that all students should have an equal opportunity for education without discrimination.


Millions witnessed HDIF's children on tvOne on November 29th, 2012. Broadcasted live from the "Selamat Datang" Monument, in Jakarta, Yessi (HDIF staff) with a teacher and three students, shared with viewers the Foundation’s mission and activities to provide a better future for poor Indonesian children like them. Their parents earn meager incomes scavenging Garbage heaps for plastics and cartons to sell to recycling factories.  They too will follow their parents to become scavengers if they do not have an education!