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Markamah, Teacher Who Is Not Tired To Help in A Marginal School

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Teaching and learning process persists despite the limitations

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Mass media write down about the struggle of Ibu Markamah

Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al Istiqomah B, Pulogadung, East Jakarta is in a slum area, surrounded by factories which pollute the air, water, and noise. Most people living there are poor and have accepted the poor living conditions as they have nowhere to go. Being under sea level, the area usually floods badly after a heavy downpour.

”When I visited, I was moved. There were many children who were not in school.  Wearing just underwear they played, mainly at the fishpond.  None could read. Moved by the plight of the children, I decided to educate them. With the dream they can be useful, as adults to others and their nation.  The school building was very dilapidated. Children sat on mats.  None had uniform,” said Markamah, the school principal to www.detik.com.

In 2005 HDI Foundation helped to renovate and build proper, permanent classrooms.  Now we have 6 proper classrooms for the Elementary students.

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Writer: Yeni Mardyana