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Pangerasan 1 - Cijeruk, Bogor
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Cijeruk Bogor is a small isolated village. It is two hours from Jakarta
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School location before it was built
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Pangerasan Junior High School was built to accommodate 180 students
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In collaboration with Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli, HDIF built Pangerasan Junior High School
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Playing field for students
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Teachers preparing lesson
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Children are doing tasks in their new class
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Children now can study comfortably

Completed June 2007
Number of Students 40
School Cost USD 26.359

In Bogor district, two hours from Jakarta, resides a small isolated village called Cijeruk. The 75,000 villagers here subsist on farming. This hilly region has 9 elementary schools catering to 3,000 children (age 7-12). Each year, 500 students graduate from Primary 6, yet only a few goes to High School. This is because there is only one junior high school located quite a distance away. This junior high school can only be reached by motorcycle taxis as there are no proper roads. Most parents cannot afford the USD2 (IDR 20,000)a day for transportation. As a result, many children stop their education after elementary school and help their parents on the farms.

To cater to an increasing demand for junior high school education, HDI Foundation built a Junior High School with Soekarseno Foundation providing the land for 180 students. Run in two shifts, it is completed with 3 classrooms, teacher`s and principal`s rooms, washrooms and a courtyard.

The school is currently adopting a unique teaching method where teachers use a hands-on approach in skills training and development. Students are taught practical applications and this gives them the added advantage when looking for a job. We hope to put more students through similar training in the near future.