High School

PGRI Palasari - Cijeruk, Bogor
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Children safety are in danger in these kind of building
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Renovation start at October 2011
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Replace all the wooden with new one`s
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Finishing the new classroom
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New building ready to be used
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SMP PGRI Palasari Art performance

Completed January 2012
Number of Students 282
School Cost USD 30.400

Surrounded by mountains, Palasari village has 400 household. 30% are children. Although only 2 hours from Jakarta, Bogor has a high percentage of children dropping out of school. It is one of the poorest cities in West Java province. Farmers here struggle daily to support their families. Recent arrival of immigrants with higher skills have pushed the farmers lower down the social ladder. The immigrants have taken over the proper job fields and forced the origins in Bogor to work as factory labors, public driver, cleaners, maid and scavengers.

Palasari Junior High School is one school which provided education to the underprivileged children there. Built in 1978, it has 6 class rooms, 2 labs, 1 teacher room and 1 administrative office.

Since then, through wear and tear, the school building became dilapidated and run down. The children were unable to study there comfortably and safely.

In October 2011 HDI Foundation rebuilt 3 classrooms for 180 children. Funds came from the generous donation of a kindhearted lady, Ibu Sarah Rosinta Hutauruk from Erlangga Publisher. The school can now accommodate 282 students and 19 teachers.