Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child's education is in 2 areas:

  1. To pay the fees for their education in a HDIF school.
  2. To provide the funds for them to continue their higher level of education after they leave HDIF schools.


To put as many children as possible in school, HDIF has a simple system. After the school building is erected we hire a Principal and teachers. Like any school without Government support, teachers's salaries and maintenance of the school depend on fees from the students. In HDIF schools, fees are collected from parents who have the means. In reality, majority of the parents are so poor, they are not able to pay. Yet no child is turned away. HDIF will fund the complete operational costs of the school. Meanwhile, individuals are sought to sponsor the individual children. Theoretically, if all children are sponsored, the school will have sufficient funds to operate independently without external funding. With this plan HDIF can then move on to build additional schools in more poor areas for more children.


Every year, we have promising students requesting to continue their education to higher levels that HDIF does not provide in his village. HDIF looks for people to sponsor their fees in their new schools. These kids will have a brighter future with higher education.

Sponsoring a child costs as little as US$10/month or US$120 /year.

 Academic Level

 Monthly Cost*

 Annual Cost*


 USD 10

 USD 120


 USD 15

 USD 180

 Junior High

 USD 22

 USD 264

 Senior High

 USD 28

 USD 336

*Cost includes registration, enrollment fees, school fees, study materials, stationery, examination fees, uniforms, school bag, shoes, for one child.

Minimum period is one year.

Sponsoring can be very rewarding. From the Teachings, "The more you give, the more you will receive" is never more true than seeing to a child's education. The joy you get when your "child" is performing well in school from your help is immeasurable. No amount of money can buy the love and satisfaction from your help.

Some personal stories from our sponsors

Upon sponsoring, you will receive:

  • Letter and photo from your child
  • A brochure
  • A regular newsletter/report

We encourage you as a foster parent to write to your child as often as you like. When you show your love and your genuine care for your child directly, she will blossom, knowing she has two sets of parents who love her.

You can stop the sponsoring your child anytime. However, if you can continue till he/she leaves school you will make a difference in his/her life.