Foster Parent Stories

Sarah Hutauruk, Indonesia

I believed everyone has an obligation in giving back to society, especially in Indonesia that needed more help. One of my contributions is helping in children education that I thought is urgently needed for our country’s future. There are many talented and smart Indonesian children but they don’t have any opportunity to study because of economy reason and lack of guidance. Sponsor a child program from HDIF is such a good connection program between foster parents and the children. Especially for me, I wasn’t only a donor but I also helped to lead the children.

The program makes me realize that there are a lot of talented children in this country who need our help. This program also brings a positive hope that in the future our country will have excellent leaders. Sponsor a child is such a great program that motivates me to help more children.

I hope the children’s parents will not give up easily and keep motivating their children because there is a long journey and a lot of obstacles in their future. On the other hand, the children should study hard, never give up and dare to have a big dream.  I also hope that other parents put their best effort to send their children to school and believed in education.

Do not hesitate to be a foster parent; your contribution has a value. These are our responsibility and duties to keep helping unfortunate people in Indonesia.