Volunteers Stories

Heni Rosalina, Indonesia

Activity: Garage Sale 2012

It's definitely a great pleasure for me to take part in activities like HDIF's garage sale. Truly fun, because my family and I could help others by doing such. I also feel very grateful for knowing that there are people who really care about the needy children and lend their hands to help them. With those children in mind, I could hear a calling for me to contribute through HDIF. With all due respect to our government, thanks to HDIF , I don't think we need to wait any longer for the government's initiatives to better the quality of life of the Indonesian children.

Qin Siqi, China

Activity: Taught English, Mandarin & Chinese Culture at Pangerasan Junior High School, Aug-Sep 2012

People in HDI Foundation are great. They took good care of me and the most important, they gave me the chance to teach in the PEC (Pangerasan Education Centre). Because of their chance, I could come to Pangerasan and met student who are very lovely and active. I think I will come back here next year or someday because I love to be in Indonesia and I love my student in Pangerasan very much

Frances Lu, China

Activity: Taught English, Mandarin & Computer at Teluk Naga Junior High School, July-Sep 2012

It is my dream to become a person who can help others and with HDIF I can make my dream comes true. I taught Open Junior High School, Teluk Naga for almost 6 weeks and I was really happy teaching the student there. I taught them simple English sentence to introduce themselves, such as “what’s your name?” and “nice to meet you”. The students in Teluk Naga are really great. Many thanks to HDI Foundation, they did a lot to help me. They provided food and accommodation for me so I could feel comfortable during my volunteering period in Indonesia. I feel so lucky to teach here and I wish there will be a lot of volunteers or teachers who can help HDIF to make the Indonesian children have a better future.

Serena He, China

Activity: Taught English, Science & Computer at Teluk Naga Junior High School, June-July 2012

It’s a very wonderful experience teaching in the school. The student here are very extrovert and curious about new things. I enjoyed teaching them very much. For me it’s very important to provide the children with knowledge and education. If we can improve their skills and knowledge, we can help each of them to get a better life.

Yustina Kartika, Indonesia

Employee at Li Fung Indonesia
Activity: Healthy Food Distribution at MI Al Istiqomah, June 2010

Being part of this group and gathering with the kids at MI Al Istiqomah makes me realize that we must support them, this just a start and the work must be continued!!!! Can't wait to explore another amazing program with HDIF in the next ocassion.

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