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Become Tech-Savvy with Computer Skills

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Cahya Sayuta on teaching Microsoft Excel.

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Class was divided into two: theory and practical, so that the students will understand the materials thoroughly.

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Classroom was arranged conductively so that the students can absorb the materials well.

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Students used the laptops by turns.

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Serious but friendly. During the class, the trainers were telling some jokes so that the students were relaxed.

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Slowly but surely, the students started grasping the materials well.

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The trainers were readily assisting the students in case they did not understand certain things.

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The laptops were given to Mr. Firman, as the school representative, by HDIF.

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Photo session after training. 

HDI Foundation worked together with the HDI-Technology System Division to hold a basic computer training at SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga, Tangerang, Banten, on Thursday, March 20th, 2014. Five trainers were teaching the students the basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Excel, and some history about computers.

Even though each laptop was used by four to five students at once, the training went conducively. It focused on applications, so that the students could immediately try to apply the knowledge and theories of Ms. Excel on its functions.

The basic knowledge and computer skills of the students at this school were very minimum. Therefore, the help from the HDI staff in training the students played a big role in their development.

“It’s great to have been able to share our knowledge with these children. It is a bit difficult to teach these materials because this is probably the first time they’ve ever seen a laptop. But at least this training is going to be their first step on knowing computers,” said Yonatan, one of the trainers.

This training is a follow-up program after the generous donation from World Bank to the school. Earlier this  year, in February, World Bank donated eight laptops to HDIF to be given to the students of SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga.

World Bank found that HDIF had similar goals to theirs. One of those is to benefit many people (read: The World Bank Donated Laptops to SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga).

Thank you HDI-MIS staff and friends, as well as the World Bank for the contribution in this activity so that the students of SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga can learn more about computers.

Written by: Yeni Mardyana