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Creating a Happy Class with Beautiful Paintings on the Walls

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This classsroom is where the students of MI Al Istiqomah B learn and study. It does not represent enthusiasm and joy of learning in school.

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To achieve the best results, the volunteers did not immediately draw on the wall.

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Mixing the paints to get attractive colors.

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Let's paint!

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This is the team of "Beautify Classrooms" who successfully painted five happy children on the wall. There are also butterflies, flowers, and birds.

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Trees and forest painting on the progress.

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Looking much better than before.

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Adding accessories to make the painting more attractive.

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Posing for a bit before painting again.

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Mrs. Pavan Kapoor brought donation of used, but in very good condition clothes for the people living around the school.

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Not to forget, snacks and milk for the students.

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Devina, one of the HDIF staff, was in charge of drawing on the wall before painting.

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Working together, painting the drawings on the walls.

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The painting of the trees and animals in the forest gives us the gentle touch of nature when we admire this artwork.

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The city life is portrayed in this painting. There are many vehicles passing by the Welcome Tugu, there are also tall buildings around. This painting is complete with a city park.

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This is HDIF team's work that portrays the many residents of the sea, such as starfish, squids, seahorses, a whale, seaweed, and the legend of mermaids.

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These are the artists who have created the beautiful artworks on the classroom walls of this school.

Who said painting walls is a man’s job only? Women can take that job too. In fact, communities of Indian women who live in Jakarta and surrounding areas are very much enthusiastic in drawing on and painting the classroom walls of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al Istiqomah B School in Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

With the theme of Beautify Classrooms, the activity took place in two days, March 13th and 19th, 2014. The first team was in charge of painting the walls of the 5th- 6th grade classroom. The second team painted the classrooms of 1st- 2nd grade and 3rd-4th grade.

Along with the HDI Foundation staff, the volunteers were having so much fun painting the classroom walls. In the classroom of 1st- 2nd grade, there are drawings of sea creatures such as mermaids, squids, fish, etc. There are also painted the stages of metamorphosis of a frog, as well as the digestive system of a human body.

In the classroom of the 3rd- 4th grade, the volunteers painted a forest,  big trees along with a monkey, snake, a lion, and an elephant. On the other wall, there is painted the city life of Jakarta. There are the Welcome Tugu, Monas, bajaj, bus, and city park.

Meanwhile, in the classroom of 5th- 6th grade, the wall is painted an image of five happy children, along with butterflies, birds, and flowers.

“It feels amazing when we see someone smiling happily. I’m taking my friends in the community to participate in this activity with the hope of bringing joy to the children in this school. We are also hoping that they will be more enthusiastic to study because the classrooms are now beautifully painted, happier, and more attractive,” said Mrs. Pavan Kapoor.

The painting activity was done in few steps. The first session was the fixing and repainting of the walls for the base colors, done by the school. Afterwards, the volunteers started drawing on the walls.

During the breaks, Mrs. Pavan Kapoor and the other volunteers took some time to distribute snacks and milk to the children who were studying around the school, as well as donate clothes to the parents.

“We are very thankful for the generosity and kindness of these ladies who have made our classrooms more beautiful and cheerful. It feels very encouraging and we are more enthusiastic to study and go to school,” said Dela, 6th grade student.

Hopefully the love and kindness given by the volunteers to the school will help benefit the future generation in achieving their full potentials. Thank you, volunteers.

Writer: Yeni Mardyana