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Motivational Activity for Students of SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga

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SMP (Middle School) Terbuka Teluk Naga is a school located in the end of Muara Village in Teluk Naga, Tangerang. As an open school, it has no regulation regarding the students’ attendance. Due to this factor, many students tend to skip school. The lack of motivation to study, in addition to the economic factor, has become the main reason as to why the students fall short in excelling their studies. Those who have moved onto high school did not make up even 50% of the whole student body. Majority of the graduates decided to jump immediately into workforce instead of continuing their studies, despite the low income.

HDI Foundation, seeing this problem, aimed to motivate the students so that they would be more eager to achieve their dreams and goals, also to help build strong and moral characters. On December 18th, 2014, HDIF held a motivational activity for the students from 10 AM to around 3 PM.

The event started with an opening by Wiwi, from HDIF, before being carried on forward by Mr. Yatno, the headmaster of the school. Afterwards, Dela, Devi, Yayuk, and Teddy guided the students in discussion post watching a motivational video, on self realization, gratitude, and compassion towards other people and environment. The activity was interactive with the quizzes, prizes, and new sets of goal resolution for each student. There was also testimonial from Mr. Adi, one of the teachers who happened to be a former HDIF foster child. At the end of the activity, the students were taught how to fold origami stars to be put in decorated bottles. The bottles symbolized the students’ courage to hold their dreams and hopes up high, like the stars.