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PT Ewindo Taught Farming at Pangerasan Junior High School

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Training by Mr. Fathurrahman from PT East West Seed Indonesia for students and parents. The theme of this training is "Vegetable Cultivation in Confined Land".

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Enthusiastic. Positive responses from all participants because the theme is much needed and has proximity with them.

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Picking prime by representatives of PT East West Seed Indonesia, Pangerasan Junior High, and HDIF.

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Smiling face because of hard work for four months was successfully harvested.

From February to May 2012, 26 Junior High students of Pangerasan Bogor were taught vegetable farming within a limited space of 400sm within the school compound. The Training Program was conducted by PT East West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo). PT Ewindo taught the conventional growing methods with chemical pesticides and mulch. Training materials were divided into two phases covering agriculture, early introduction to soil, plants and planting techniques.

May 12, 2012 was a happy and exciting day. It was Harvest Day. Their farming was a success!  The students and their parents were all very excited! It was an unforgettable moment! The squash and eggplant vegetables were fresh and tasted great.

Mr. Fathurrahman of PT Ewindo gave a Seminar on Vegetable Cultivation in Confined Land. The event was relaxed and full of fun. There were many questions, indicating a lot of interest by the other students and their parents. A quiz with prizes was also conducted, much to the delight of everybody.

The mothers who attended also learned about growing vegetables and ornamental plants in containers in their houses. The plants as decorative pieces could beautify their homes.

PT Ewindo and HDIF want to help the community be financially independent. From the training students and parents can use their limited land area to cultivate vegetables more effectively to supplement their family’s income.

PT Ewindo, as experts in the vegetable seed industry promotes early vegetable consumption.