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Saturday Creation Smile 2014

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First day of Saturday Creation: The students learned origami, making the first part of "Wishing Star" with Trissia Wijaya, Elza A. Delavita, and Pauline Thepolaan

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The children's creation

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A picture with the volunteers on the first day of Saturday Creation

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The second day of Saturday Creation: The students were taught some English songs by Randy Goh, Hivy Zhou, Hastuti, Novi, Evelyn, Selvi, Diana, and Dina. All mentioned above are volunteers of Saturday Creation

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The students were enthusiastic and motivated, singing an English song

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A picture with volunteers who were teaching English to the students

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The third day of Saturday Creation: The students continued the second part of "Wishing Star" and bird origami with Trissia Wijaya, Elza A. Delavita, Muji Rahayu, Teddy Tanoto, Amelya, and Shin

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Muji Rahayu on teaching the students origami

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Amelya on teaching the students origami

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Elza and Trissia, hanging the bird origami for decoration

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The "Wishing Star" created by the students, attached onto the ceiling fan

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A photo with the volunteers

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The fourth day of Saturday Creation: On closing the Saturday Creation, the students learned the Poco Poco dance with HDI volunteers, Edith and Dela

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The first group performing with Dela, one of the volunters teaching the Poco Poco dance

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Wiwi, one of the HDIF staff joined in directing the Poco Poco dance

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The students were guided by one of HDIF staff, Robby

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The second group performing, very cautious with their steps

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Edith, an HDI volunteer, taking a photo with the students

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The students' happy smiles when they received milk and snacks from the HDIF team

Every Saturday in the month of September 2014, the atmosphere seemed different at one of HDIF supported schools: Madrasah Ibtidaiah (MI) Al Istiqomah school, Pulo Gadung. It was not the effect of  the demonstration conducted by thousands of factory labors, cornering every area around the school. This abnormality came from the happy smiles of the students going to the HDIF supported school.

What could have brought those beautiful smiles this Saturday morning? Apparently, this Saturday they were visited by HDIF volunteers who joined them to play, create, and learn. Yes, games have become something so desired by today's  generation of civitas academica due to the brutal academic curriculum. When in reality, creativity comes from fun games.

The activities were expected to get creativity out of the students. The activities were very interesting, especially after the activities the students were given milk from HDIF donors.


From Origami to Poco-poco

The first Saturday in September 2014, the volunteers and the students of MI Al Istiqomah folded origami birds. The volunteers were Trissia Wijaya, Elza A Delavita, and Pauline Thepolaan.

The second Saturday was filled with English songs in a class taught by Hivy Zhou, Randy Goh, Novi, Evelyn, Selvi, Diana, and Dina.

The third Saturday the volunteers taught the children how to fold origami, making "Wishing Star". The volunteers who attended were Trissia Wijaya, Elza A Delavita, Muji Rahayu, Teddy Tanoto, Amelya, and Shin. The last Saturday, on closing the Saturday Creation month the volunteers, Edith and Dela taught the children Poco-poco dance.

The Poco-Poco dance was chosen by the HDIF team as the fun closing activity in the Saturday Creation. The HDIF team and volunteers were enthusiastically dancing Poco-Poco with the students. The students were also given to have a mini Poco-Poco contest by performing in three teams. The enthusiasm rose when they were given milk and crackers.


Happiness is Simple

The heat of the sun  and the intense pollution in the area were drowned by the laughter and joy among the students and the volunteers. The spirit, smile, and happiness of the students were radiant throughout Saturday Creation.

The students were enjoying every activity. The warm greetings and great enthusiasm of the MI Al Istiqomah students became the source of strength for the volunteers. The students' happiness became the volunteers', whose belief is that happiness grows from simple, little things such as sharing.

HDIF team and volunteers hope that with this program, the students will be more motivated to create and find their passion, exploring their potentials. See you all later in the next Saturday Creation project.

Saturday Creation, cheers... 


Writer : Della