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Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli and Rotary Club behind Pangerasan Education Center

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Students line-up, cheering the guests
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The view of the school
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PEC-the gate
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Cutting ribbon by HDI Foundation, Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli and Rotary Club Jakarta-Menteng
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Releasing pigeons symbolized love and free education at PEC
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Monologue play presented by Pangerasan students
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Opening speech by Peter Chia from HDI Foundation
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The guests from local and international institutions
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The library
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HDI Foundation team with the students

One year after HDI Foundation built SMP Pangerasan 1 for the children to continue their studies, HDIF built SMP Pangerasan 2 – the extenstion of SMP Pangerasan 1, to meet the large demand.

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 we had the opening ceremonial of Pangerasan Education Center (PEC). Constructed on a 4400 m2 land in Cijeruk Village area, with  Yayasan Soekarseno Peduli provided the land and operates the school, and Rotary Club Jakarta-Menteng provided the fence, electricity, chairs and tables.

The students of Pangerasan Junior High School presented an awesome monologue play regarding education issues.

Together, the two schools can accommodate up to 300 each year.