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Crafting With Heart

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One of the student tried very hard to make a great bell creation
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Every student was given 2 hours to finish the bell creation and to present it in front of the class
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Carefully creating a great bell
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Created a beatiful bell together with Ms.Sandra
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Hasanah proudly presented her bell creation
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Creativity gives possibility to achieve better
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25 students joined the crafting class

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”
~ Pablo Picasso ~

Ms. Sandra sharpens young people's potentials through a simple yet inspiring program of activity. She is an entrepreneur with a deep passion in handicraft. She produces beautifully handmade bells with unique traditional decoration. Exposing the richness of Indonesian culture, Sandra's bell are sought after by Indonesian and foreign art lovers. Sandra accepts orders for wedding and other events.

At HDIF's Pangerasan Junior High School - Bogor, Ms. Sandra gave an opportunity to twenty-five students to experience decorating her bells.

The session started with a sharing session during which the students talked about their future goals. "I want to become an architect, build a house for my parents," described one student. Ms. Sandra said, "Being creative is the key to building our future. By being creative, we would be unstoppable since we always find different roads to achieve our goal."

The children decorated the ceramic bells with colourful papers, ribbons, cloths, buttons and many other simple materials.

For two hours, the students smiled, laughed and happily showed their creativity.  At the end each student asked to give a name to their bells, tell the story behind their decoration and link the bell to their own life. Pupah happily said, "I name my bell "joy", simply because I engraved this bell with joy coming from my heart. Also, I hope, by hearing the bell sound, people will be as happy as I am."

Sharing time, sharing skills and knowledge we have, sharing happiness...No doubt, we ALL can do that!