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Training of Trainer Organic Farming at Pangerasan Middle School

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The organic farming club at Pangerasan Middle School, Cijeruk Village, Bogor, is an extracurricular activity that is set to teach the students the knowledge and skills to farm organically. At the moment, there are 40 students who are participating in this club. However, not all are actively involved.

Given the situation, HDIF decided to host a Training of Trainer (TOT) event as an introduction and basic knowledge for students to organic farming, in theory and practical. The goal is to motivate the students to be more invested and enthusiastic about the club activity, as well as have the ability to present and explain to others about organic farming.

TOT took place in two days, on December 27th-28th, 2014. The event was carried out by an organic farming trainer, Mr. Iwan Supriadi. Unfortunately, the first day it rained. Thus, the first day was focused on the theories of organic farming, held at Pangerasan Middle School.

The second day of TOT was carried out by two organic farming trainers, Mr. Iwan and Mr. Rudi. This time, the students went down to the field to practice on making organic soil, pH testing, MOL, irrigation, as well as the land structure. Apart from this activity, the students got to harvest the cassava for their snacks during lunchtime. Afterwards, the students presented what they had learned during the day and there was an explanation by Mr. Rudi.

The TOT activity ended at 4 PM, closed by picture taken of the students with the alumni and the trainers.