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Given the limitations of space and budget, the students of SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga (Middle School) face difficulties in pursuing high school education. Every year, less than 50% of the students can go on to high school after graduation. Most of the students who do not get the chance to go to high school choose to work at factories. With the lack of degree and lack of skills, the students can only apply for minimum wage labor. HDI Foundation hopes to help these children get a better future.

Other than providing spaces and the tools to support the academic of the formal education, HDI Foundation also wants to help the students explore their abilities and skills so that they may be qualified to apply for better paying jobs. Due to this, HDI Foundation started hosting a vocational activity to teach the students how to sew at SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga in February 2015. The activity is taught by two trainers every Saturday and Sunday. There are around 20 students and several alumni who participate in the activity. The trainers also guide the students personally, so that the students may focus on their skills training.

The participants of the vocational activity learn how to measure, create patterns, cut out patterns, and sew. HDI Foundation also provides five sewing machines of Classic Butterfly and keep them in the classroom of SMP Terbuka Teluk Naga. The participants are very enthusiastic, and in about two months, have created several masterpieces and fashion artworks themselves.