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Earthquake at Yogyakarta, Central Java

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Working together with Pelita Bangsa Foundation to distribute the relief.
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Handing over food and supplements to a village representative.
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Left: Pak Mujiman's House before rebuilt after the earthquake

Right: Pak Mujiman's House after rebuilt

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Left: Pak Slamet's House before rebuilt after the earthquake

Right: Pak Slamet's House after rebuilt

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Few resident houses were destroyed by the earthquake

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One of the government office was collapsed because of the earthquake

In May 2006, an earthquake struck the historic city of Yogyakarta. Over 6,000 died, 60,000 injured and 1.5 million homeless. The situation was so bad that surgeries had to be carried out in car parks. Some hospitals were damaged and the number of injured was overwhelming.

To help the injured recover faster and to prevent the homeless folks from illnesses, 12 villages received 11,223 bottles of HDI food supplements donated by CC Pollen Co. USA: Kaliputih, Tarudan, Gondosuli, Srunggo II, Cepoko, Beran, Bajang Daleman, Panjangan, Sungapan, Morgorejo, Tegal Gendeng, Basen.  In distributing the reliefs, HDIF was helped by Pelita Bangsa Foundation.

“Once again, these simple words of thanks warmed our hearts. Thank you HDI for this supplement. It does improve my stamina." - Catur Wiratno, from Sungapan Village.

HDIF also donated building materials to 3 families to help them rebuild their homes. They are Bapak Mujiman, Bapak Slamet Riyadi, and Ibu Noorhadiningsih.

Some Comments:

"We really grateful for this help, we seldom buy vitamin/medicine. We can use this supplement to keep our health." - Y. Dian Wahono, from Panjangan Village.

"I’m happy and proud of HDI for giving us supplement that makes us all healthy." - Mur Sahid, from Tarudan Village.

"We are in process of building our village back to normal, building houses and others. Thank you for supporting us with good vitamins for our stamina!" – Robertus Susanto, from Cepoko Village

Mr. Slamet Riyadi: "We were really scared, the earthquake was very big. Many houses were destroyed, we couldn`t live in our house anymore. But, thank you HDIF for putting our lives back on track again. My family is ready to start all over again."

Mr. Mujiman: "I feel very happy, joyful, because in our neighborhood, not many were able to build their house. We are very fortunate to have so much help from HDIF."

Ms. Noorhadiningsih: "It`s difficult to say but thanks God, through HDIF, we have been helped and received an overflow blessing, love and care."

We`re just glad to know that these families finally have a place they can call home.