Support Natural Disaster Victims

Hand in Hand to Help the Flood Victims in Manado

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At one of the mosques that became a refuge in Pakowa.

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Damaged areas in Ranotana weru.

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Still in Ranotana Weru, with victims who lived on riverside.

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Happy faces on receiving help

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Visited Banjer Village, another area that got flooded.

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Ms Leidy distributed the donation to one of the residents.

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Tough work for the residents who had to clean their houses from the mud.

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Picture with the victims. HDI distributors on handing out the donation at Pakowa office.

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Ms Amelia, one of the distributors who became a victim of the flood.

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Spread out handing out donation in Ranotana Weru.

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Although she got flooded, Ms Deisy (left) helped out in distributing the donation.

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With the victim of flood in Banjer.

The flood that came upon Manado, North Sulawesi, and its surrounding left the residents cold and broken. Many houses and public facilities were destroyed. There were also many remainings of the flood in form of mud that made it difficult for community activities to take place. 

The HDI Foundation worked together with HDI and distributors in Manado to help the victims. The good intention and love successfully gathered Rp 15 million, through donation from HDI staff and sponsors.

HDIF handed the donation to Ms. Milka, the person in charge of the post in Manado and distribution on January 24th, 2014. Distribution took place the day after at the three worst flooded areas, which were Tikala, Dendengan, Ranotana Weru, as well as Banjer and its surrounding.

The help was given directly to the victims, without delivery services. The distribution was focused on the people who needed help the most: infants, pregnant women, elderly, sick people, and the victims of the flood at the refuge. They were given food supplies, toileteries, clothes and equipments for babies, clothes for adults, and medicines.

Hopefully the good intention and the help from the sponsors could help lighten the load for the victims.

Writer: Yeni Mardyana