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Tsunami Relief Effort at Aceh and Nias

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Warm greetings from the villagers
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Distribution process

One of the deadliest disasters in modern history took place on 26th December 2004. A giant undersea earthquake triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts along the Indian Ocean, killing more than 200,000 people across Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

45 minutes after the earthquake struck, the same killer waves hit the city of Aceh. Within minutes, the entire 800km coastal strip of Aceh (the distance between San Francisco to San Diego) was completely flattened and wiped out, killing 160,000 Indonesians.

Shortly after, on 28th March 2005, another major earthquake followed hitting Nias, a small island near Aceh. These 2 events caused immense social, economical and environmental devastation to these areas. Apart from large scale reconstructions required, diseases such as respiratory disease, flu, fever, malaria and polio reached the refugee camps, severely affecting the children.

With support from Yayasan Bina Mandiri, HDIF team and our kind donors distributed High-Desert Bee Propolis to the people, especially the children. In Total, 3,000 bottles of food supplement was distributed to 7,500 people in over 11 villages: Botohilitano, Bawomataluo, Hilimainemolo, Hilisataro, Bawodobara, Bawazaua, Awoni Louso, Sisarihili Gamo, Hilifatema, Hilisaloo, Simanaere.

Mr. Nehemiah, age 38, from Awoni Lauso Village: "Thank you HDI for helping us with food supplement. It is good for my body; it does surely help us to recover from sickness."

Anawati, age 14, student from Hilimainemolo Village: "I feel healthier and full of energy after I consumed for 3 weeks."

Nurhasa, age 20, Kindergarten teacher at Bawomataluo Village "Thank God, because in our village, many children suffer from lack of nutrition and adults who easily get sick, we are still in recovery process and it`s difficult for us to buy any vitamins/ food supplement since we earn only  US$30/month  (IDR 300,000/ month )."

(The food supplements were donated by CC Pollen Co. USA)