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Volcanic Eruption at Mount Merapi

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Preparing the food packages for distribution
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Some of the Volunteers and recipients of the packages
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Recipients of Food Packages
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The young representing their families receiving HDI Clover Honey
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More recipients of the food packages and HDI Clover Honey
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A School turned home for refugees
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A Typical Makeshift Refugee Shelter
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Victims at a Refugee Camp
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Refugees at a School queuing for HDI food packages
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Yessi (HDIF staff) giving out the donations
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Chief Medical Consultant HDI(High Desert, a Partner) handing over donations

The Volcanic Eruption of Mount Merapi at Yogyakarta, Central Java, on  October/November 2010, killed 275, injured 1700 and forced 320.000 people into refugee camps.

Although Mt Merapi rumbled for several days, the scale and force of the eruption took thousands by surprise. Most do not have time to evacuate with their personal belongings.  They ran with only the clothes they were wearing.  The air was polluted. Visibility was 2 metres. Day turned into night. People were covered with ash. Everything turned grey. Respiratory ailments affected everybody, young and old.  Food and water was scarce.  People were streaming into temporary makeshift shelters.

HDI sent a team of Doctors and volunteers the following day, while Mt Merapi was still erupting. Supported by Kerabat Karya Sosial Pelita Hati Foundation, they distributed 10,000 masks, 1,200 jars (1kg) HDI Clover Honey, dried food, medical supplies, milk, baby's food, blankets and clothes.

More than 10,000 refugees received packages from Kerabat Karya Sosial Pelita Hati Foundation and HDIF Volunteers.

A small relief to ease the suffering of the victims.