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Breakfasting with Orphans brought Happiness and Love

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The enthusiasm of the kids while watching Tanah Air Beta

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Time for quiz. Griffit Patricia asked questions to the orphanage children about Tanah Air Beta

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Maghrib prayer before dinner

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Time to breakfasting

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Souvenir from HDIF to Putra Setia Orphanage

On Friday, July 12, 2013, the Hall of Putra Setia Orphanage was filled with smiles and laughter. Volunteers of HDI Foundation conducted a breakfasting event (celebrating the end of fasting by Muslims for the day) together with the children at Putra Setia Orphanage and Islam Al Khasanah Foundation.

The children watched an inspiring movie, Tanah Air Beta (My Homeland). Griffit Patricia, the film's main actress was personally in attendance. The kids were ecstatic. They were shrieking and deeply thrilled to meet a real life actress.

The children enjoyed the 2 hour movie about the struggle of a girl who lived at the border between Indonesia and Timor Leste. And her brother who was separated from the family when Timor Leste gain their bloody independence from Indonesia.

"Conditions at Atambua (a border town) are very poor. Educational facilities are lacking. So all of us here should be grateful we can go to school so easily," said Griffit, describing the situation at the border between Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Mrs. Nancy Triana Desianti, HR Manager of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) was also present. Mrs Nancy, with a heart of gold had been a regular volunteer in many HDIF Programs.

The event ended with dinner and snacks for all. Gifts of 75 goody bags, 2 boxes of toys, 2 boxes of clothes and 1 box of shoes were also distributed to all the children at the Orphanage. They were donated by Management and Staff of CWT, HDI, and Distributors of High Desert Indonesia, and many other donors.

Thank you to all donors, volunteers, Griffit Patricia, Mrs Nancy and staffs. Your generosity, invaluable help and presence brought happiness and love to all the children.

Writer: Yeni Mardyana