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Sharing Love at Sukatani 2 Elementary School & Subullusalam Foundation School in Banten

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As a part of the HDIF social responsibility for the education of Indonesian children, for the event “Sharing Love” this time HDIF attended two schools: SD (Elementary School) Sukatani 2 and Subullusalam Foundation School, which are located in Lebak, Banten.

On Monday, December 22nd, 2014, the HDIF team consisted of Wiwi, Ariel, Supri, and Fauzi, as well as a volunteer Yolanda, departed at 6 AM to the first destination: SD Sukatani 2. The drive took around five hours from Jakarta, and the team finally arrived in Sukatani Village, Wanasalam, and was greeted warmly by the students. The event started with an opening by Wiwi and an introduction to the team. There was an ice breaker game, followed by book distribution afterwards.

Later, the party saw the movie “5 Eagles,” a family movie about a Boy Scout and friendship. Once the movie was over, the HDIF team interviewed Ms. Unes and Mr. Heri as the founder and caretaker of SD Sukatani 2. At around 4 PM, the HDIF team left the location and towards a hostel to rest and prepare the next day’s activities.

The next day, on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014, the HDIF team hosted another activity at Subullusalam Foundation School. Once the team arrived, they were greeted with a song, sung by the teachers and the students. The event commenced with an opening word from Mr. Dedi, as the founder, and an introduction to HDIF by Ariel. Then, the team distributed books to around 120 students, ranging from kindergarten to elementary level.

The event ended after the children finished coloring. For the children who did well, they received lunch boxes from the HDIF team. Afterwards, HDIF interviewed Mr. Dedi as the founder of Subullusalam Foundation.