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Sharing Love in Welcoming Christmas

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Children who live at Bhakti Luhur Foundation are children with physical and mental disabilities such as blind, low vision, hearing impairment, mute, mental retardation, quadriplegic, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, mental disorders, cataracts, cleft lip, mumps, tuberculosis, etc.

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Children were very excited. One of the HDIF team named Sidi was having difficulties to make the children focus on him, while the show was about to begin.

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The children were very enthusiastic and excited when HDIF visited them. There was no burden on their faces.

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Yeni was conducting a quiz by asking simple questions to the children. Interesting prizes awaited them.

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Not difficult to ask Yanti to sing. With confidence, she came forward to perform in front of her friends.

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A long awaited moment had arrived. Santa Claus came over the children and they immediately welcomed Santa with warm hugs.

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Special gifts for special children.

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Santa visited Catherine specially, a girl who suffer from Hydrocephalus.

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Not only Santa Claus, HDIF team also visited Catherine. Unfortunately, the little girl was sound asleep.

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With whole big family of Bhakti Luhur Foundation and HDIF.

Sharing love can be anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.  HDIF staff and Volunteers celebrated Christmas with special needs orphans at Bhakti Luhur Orphanage at Cilandak, South Jakarta on December 20, 2013.

The children warmly welcomed the HDIF team giggling and laughing with joy.  They were all very excited and asked many questions about the event.

 The children sang, danced, laughed and played games together with the team.  Everybody was happy.  HDIF gave away some special prizes.

When Santa Claus suddenly appeared decked in his traditional white beard and red costume, the children gave shrieks of joy and happiness and more so when they saw the presents Santa brought for them.  Santa called the children one at a time to receive their gifts.

"You must obey the nannies and the sisters. You also have to study hard and don’t be naughty,”  Santa whispered to Lia, an autistic child while sitting her on his lap.

Santa also has a special present for Catherine, an 11 years old girl with Cerebral Palsy.  She is bedridden with an enlarged head and a tiny body.

 “We hope that our presence can give a little hope and happiness to the children. They are not alone, because there are many people who care about them," said Yessi Chandra, Senior Foundation Officer of HDIF.


Overview of Bhakti Luhur Foundation

Bhakti Luhur Foundation is a charitable organization that gives special attention to the poor, neglected and marginalized disabled children.

The Founder, P. Janssen CM, is a catholic priest. He is a wonderfully unique person who regards everyone he serves as his master.

Bhakti Luhur Foundation has vision and mission in serving disabled children who have one or more severe disabilities including physical, psychological, mental, and socio - economic .

The Foundation cares for children who are mentally and physically handicapped, suffer from emotional disorder, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, cataracts, cleft lip, hearing and speech impairment, tuberculosis, and others.


Writer: Yeni Mardyana