Volunteering is one way to help and share your skills. Join us in the activities we organize for the children such as birthday celebrations, sports, art & craft, dance, computer, music sessions or you can create your own activities according to your talent.

If you cannot come to Indonesia, you can still help us. Tell your friends about us.

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Simply tell us your name, email, and contact number! You can make a difference in a child’s life TODAY!

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Our Volunteers
Lina Kartasasmita, Indonesia

Lina, mother of two lovely daughters, likes writing and teaches Indonesian language to expats. She helps write and edit HDIF’s communication materials. Lina also actively promotes HDIF to potential donors and partners.

"I took time to help others and it changed me. Seeing someone becomes better and happier really adds happiness to my life."

Frances Lu, China

She cycled 100 kilometers a day for 10 days, across 3 provinces, and 12 cities. That is Frances' proud experience. Frances has an impressive portfolio in social work. "Now I can add Indonesia on my list," Frances said after her 60 days of social work in Banten Province. She taught local fishermen a simple financial management system. Frances instantly became the greatest consultant on Earth in the eye of Teluk Naga's fishermen. "With their new knowledge, I hope, these people can be wiser with their money. Every child in this district can go to school, even university. That's my dream."